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Outdoor Lights
Outdoor lights like LED wall washer lights are used for illuminating building exteriors. The lights get their name as they wash walls with a beam of light. As these lights are based on LED technology, they are energy efficient and long lasting.
LED Aluminium Profile
The LED aluminium profile is an aluminum housing that mounts and protects LED strip light. Available in rectangular and angled shapes, and different lengths, the profile can be installed in different ways. It is meant for protection, heat dissipation, and aesthetic appeal.
LED Power Supply
An LED power supply is a device that provides the necessary electrical power to operate LED lighting fixtures. It converts high voltage AC power from a mains power supply to low voltage DC.
LED Driver
We have brought a LED driver, which is an electrical device. It helps in regulating power to an LED or a string of LEDs. It is a crucial piece to an LED circuit and to operate without one will result in system.
LED Linear Aluminium Profile
LED linear aluminium profile is an adaptable solution for both residential and commercial spaces. They are sustainable and durable options. Select the profile which adhere to clients specific needs.
LED Strip Light
An LED strip light is a flexible solution which adds a powerful lighting with variety of color and illuminating degrees to the different sectors.
Flexible LED Strip Lights
Flexible LED strip lights are a particular kind of lighting fixture that can be twisted and curved to fit different surfaces. They often have self-adhesive backings, which make installation simple.

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